Hi, I am Nischal

I am a TCK , born in Hong Kong to Nepalese parents and... legally British with an American sounding accent. Besides coming up with answers to 'Where are you from?', I like to think about life (maybe due to my INFJ personality), listen to podcasts, go for walks (while listening to a podcast or thinking about life).

When I don't want to think too much, I am probably meditating or some combination of —— working out, watching football, playing mobile games, sketching, reading books, mangas or watching Korean TV shows.

Late 2018

Found the thing to dedicate my life to.

Despite just graduating from a Computer Information Systems program, I decided to start over and pursue a career in design, largely inspired The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman.

2019 - present

Design. Design. Design.

Ever since, my journey has been filled with online courses, tutorials, design challenges, ruptured achilles, recovery, freelancing, burnouts, lockdowns, self-reflections, imposter syndrome, hundreds of portfolio iterations, etc.


_____ Designer

Regardless of the official title or prefix to designer, I aspire to continuously learn and solve complex problems to help create a meaningful future where technology empowers humans and humans enhance technology to discover new possibilities and better the world.